THE NATIONAL LIBRARY OF WALES Founded by Royal Charter, granted in 1907, the National Library of Wales came into existence on January I, 1909. It is maintained by an annual grant-in-aid from His Majesty's Treasury. One of the six libraries in the British Isles (including Eire) entitled to certain privileges under the Copyright Act, it now (1941) contains approxi- mately 750,000 printed works (books, pamphlets, newspapers, journals), 20,000 volumes of manuscripts, about 250,000 deeds and other documents, together with a very large collection of maps, prints, drawings, portraits, etc. It is a general reference library it specialises also in printed, manuscript, and graphic material relating to Wales and the other Celtic countries. Admission is by Reader's Ticket (during the war period by Emergency Reader's Ticket), an application form for which may be obtained from the Librarian. OFFICERS OF THE LIBRARY PRESIDENT: THE RIGHT HON. LORD DAVIES, M.A., LL.D. VICE-PRESIDENT: A. C. GLADSTONE, ESQ., M.B.E., D.L., M.A. TREASURER: SIR GEORGE F. ROBERTS, O.B.E., D.L. SENIOR STAFF LIBRARIAN: W. LL. DAVIES, M.A. ASSISTANT LIBRARIAN Gildas TIBBOTT, M.A. HEADS OF Departments Manuscripts and Records-EvAN D. JONES, B.A. Printed Books-WILLIAM WILLIAMS. Accessions (including Copyright)-R. F. MIDDLEHURST. Maps, Prints, and Drawings-H. NOEL JERMAN, M.A. Binding, Repairing, and Photography-CARL HANSON. Printing-OscAR BEDDOWS. LIST OF PUBLICATIONS 1. NATIONAL LIBRARY OF WALES PUBLICATIONS. THE NATIONAL LIBRARY OF WALES A SURVEY OF ITS HISTORY, ITS CONTENTS, AND ITS ACTIVITIES. By W. Ll. Davies. 1937. pp. xxiv, 212, cloth. With 60 illustrations. 10s. 6d. CALENDARS OF DEEDS AND DOCUMENTS. By F. Green. Vol. I, The Coleman Deeds, 1921 (pp. xii, 466) Vol. II, The Crosswood Deeds, 1927 (pp. viii, 488) Vol. III, The Hawarden Deeds, 1931 (pp. viii, 478), cloth, 15s. each. CALENDAR OF WYNN (OF GWYDIR) PAPERS, 1515-1690. 1926. pp. xvi, 520, cloth. 21s. CATALOGUE OF TRACTS OF THE CIVIL WAR AND COMMONWEALTH PERIOD relating to Wales and the Border Counties. 1911. pp. x, 86, cloth. 2s. 6d. CATALOGUE OF ORIENTAL MANUSCRIPTS, Persian, Arabic, and Hindustani. By H. Ethé. 1916. pp. iv, 30, cloth. is.