lating to the payment of royalty and sleeping rent, the formation of a new company, etc., 1829-32 an estreat of the second payment of the first subsidy granted to the Queen in the hundreds of Swanzey, Neathe, Langevelache, Newcastell, and Ogmor, 1589; an inventory of linen at Lanmihangle, 1719 a case and the opinion of R. Richards, London, concern- ing the establishment of a woollen manufactory at Bridgend, 1809; two copies of a plan, made by John Williams in 1776, of the Norton Estate; correspondence between W. Wynd- ham Quin, Thos. Williams, Cowbridge, and Rich. Webb, Salisbury, and a plan relating to a proposed alteration in the turnpike road near New Inn Bridge, near Bridgend, 1818-9 a plan and an estimate of the cost of extensions to the Bear Inn, Cowbridge, 1825 and twenty-one original and copy wills and probates of the wills of the families of Edwin and Wyndham, 1680-1801. The Library has already prepared an interim schedule of this collection, in which bound volumes and court rolls are described individually and the remaining documents in groups according to the original order of storage in the Muniment Room at the Dunraven Estates Office, Bridgend. B. G. OWENS. 8. WELSH CHURCH COMMISSION RECORDS. Under the provisions of the Welsh Church Act, 1914, the Welsh Church Commissioners are directed to lodge in the National Library of Wales the residue, of books and documents relating to the properties vested in the Commissioners by the Act. Transference to the National Library of Wales was initiated with the handing over in 1932 of two important volumes relating to the dioceses of Bangor and St. Asaph four further groups of documents have since been received. The records relate to the four ancient dioceses of Bangor, St. Asaph, Llandaff, and St. Davids. The diocese of Bangor is represented by several extents and manorial records. There is a fifteenth century manuscript copy of records of the temporalities of the diocese includ- ing the extent made in the sixth year of Prince Edward (believed to be the Black Prince, 1335). Other copies of this same extent preserved in British Museum Harleian MSS. 696 and 4776 formed the basis of the text printed in the Record of Caernarvon (London, 1838). The beginning of the Church Commission extent is missing, and the first surviving folios are imperfect, but the text agrees in the main with that printed in the Record of Caer- narvon from page 93 to page 115. There are, however, some differences in arrangement and in some of the totals, and a great difference in the spelling of proper names. It is possible that a number of these were incorrectly transcribed for the printed work. The extent is followed by copies of a compotus of David Daron, dean of Bangor [1399], relat- ing to the same temporalities, an inquisition touching rents due towards the altar of St. Daniel, Bangor, 1439, an inquisition of the lands of the bishopric, 1436, and a writ to cause the Dean and Chapter to render a compotus of the issues of their temporalities, with documents relating thereto, 1447. Other manuscripts in the collection contain partial transcripts of the above-mentioned survey, one of them wrongly ascribing the I The Commissioners are to hand over to bodies which acquire properties under the Act such records as relate to those properties, and may also hand over to any person, auth- ority, or body any such other records which they think ought to be placed under the control of that person, authority, or body. See The Welsh Church 4ct, 1914, Section 2(j— Delivery up of and access to books and documents,