ordinances. Pentre is in Radnor shire, but the body of the Church is in Brecknock shire. Chapel y ffin is in Brecknock shire, tho the Members live in the counties of Hereford and Monmouth, as well as that. I think that Graig, at Newcastle is in Cardiganshire, but am not certain. However there are many Baptists and Meeting houses in that county belonging to Aberduar, Pant- teg, Cilfowyr, and Ebenezer. And many of Rhydwilim Members in Pembroke shire. I find that all the additions were not baptized precisely after the Association 1788, some of the members of the new churches were baptized the year before. Aberystwyth, Llandyfaen &c. are new Churches entirely, not distant Branches of other Churches. Your Cousin Timothy of Maes is the chief Baptizer of all, at Aberduar, Llandyfaen, by Llandilo, or near it, and at the Back Lane, Swansea, &c. He is much in the methodist way, I fear the subjects are very raw. You see all the churches have some additions except two tho many have but a few, yet several of them have many. The Excluded, show they are but indifferent. Those are very numerous The Welsh minutes are followed by a similar table for The Association in Worcestershire &c. to which Joshua Thomas's church at Leominster was affiliated. He does not, however, mention this table subsequently in the course of his letter and there is no reason, therefore, for publishing it here. B. G. OWENS.