signed. The two signatures resemble each other so closely as to compel the belief that they belong to the same person. One wonders what was the previous history of this autographed set of Welch Piety before it reached the National Library. The Rev. David Jones of Penmaenmawr, in his admirable book, The Life and Times of Griffith Jones of Llanddowror, says on page 91, 'We' (apparently referring to himself) are fortunate enough to possess a complete copy of these reports in three well-bound octavo volumes, each of which bears the autograph B. Bevan," which we believe to be that of Madam Bevan.' Now some of the Rev. David Jones's books were bought, after his death, by Mr. Goronwy Williams, bookseller, of Ruthin, and we know that it was from Mr. Williams that the Welch Piety set came into the National Library. One might have been forgiven, therefore, for assuming that that set was once the property of the Rev. David Jones. Actually, however, Mr. Williams has been good enough to inform me that he did not purchase the Rev. David Jones's copies of Welch Piety and he does not now know whence the set that is now in the National Library came. There appear, there- fore, to have been in existence two sets of Welch Piety autographed by Madam Bevan. This actually should cause no surprise, because it is improbable that either set was ever the private one of Madam Bevan. The good lady towards the end of her life was wont to reward all those who made a pilgrimage to her with an autographed set of Welch Piety, and in- numerable copies might have been signed by her in this way. Evan Evans, Ieuan Brydydd Hir', made such a pilgrimage and he received a present of all Griffith Jones's printed works. Welch Piety would un- doubtedly be among them and it would not have been surprising if she had autographed the book indeed it would have been surprising if she had not. He describes the visit in a letter to Richard Morris in 1766- Mi aethym oddiyno i Lacharn at Mrs. Bevan, yr hon a'm anrhegodd a holl waith printiedig Mr. Gruffydd Jones' (I went from there to Mrs. Bevan at Laugharne, and she presented me with all the printed works of Griffith Jones). W. MOSES WILLIAMS. THE WIGFAIR MANUSCRIPTS. The brief note relating to this extensive and interesting collection (N.L.W. MSS. 12,401-12,513) which has already appeared in the journal- referred mainly to the letters written to John Lloyd, F.R.S. I Vol. I, No. 1, p. 38.