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years later, in 1589, a lease was granted by Jeffrey David John William Richard, yeoman, to Bevys Bullmer of Lutton, Northants of "cole, cole- workes and cole veynes at Park Egloe and Wern" in the parish of "Lan- rydian" at a half wey of coal per annum rental for twenty-one years. It is interesting to note that north Gower was already attracting the attention of investors from the more prosperous parts of England. Among examples from the seventeenth century, Jeffrey William, yeo- man, granted a lease of land in 1602/3 to Richard Martin, goldsmith of London, in Llanrhidian for coal-getting for twenty-one years, renewable every three years at an annual rental of 50s and four weys of coal. The papers of Landimore, Wibley and Reynoldstone manors record that a William Herbert of Swansea leased land from William Herbert, Earl of Pembroke with permission to erect coal works and dispose of coal in 1629. A Richard Seys, the owner of Clyne Forest and Moor, obtained a grant in 1642 "for digginge of coales in Clyne Forest and elsewhere" (Williams, 1974). A 99-year lease of 1653 permitted Robert Seys of Weobley Castle to work all coal in lands held by Seys in Llanrhidian and Loughor parishes at a rent of sixpence per wey. In 1693, Fulke, Lord Brooke of Beauchamp Court, Warwick, leased to John Llewelin of Ynys- gerwyn and Leyson Llewelin, Cadoxton, coal under land in Llanrhidian parish for twenty-one years at a rent of 2s 6d per wey. At the beginning of the eighteenth century we find Humphrey Mack- worth, the celebrated Neath industrialist, accumulating a number of leases in north Gower and Loughor, including Coed Pedwen at Llanrhidian (1701) and Tir Llodrog (1713). On his death in 1727 he made over his mineral interests to his sons, Kingsmill and Herbert. Other records from the eighteenth century include the working, in 1718/19, of Dwrlas by Henry Bowen, and an affidavit by Henry Bowen and Cornelius Davies respecting mines at Killonenvawr. Following the death of Rowland Bennett in 1716/17 one of his heirs (John Warham) covenants to another (Thomas Dorsett) security for share of expenses of coal works. A letter from William Richards to Rowland Dawkins of Kilvrough in 1731 refers to "coals on part of Uncle Bennett's estate towards Penclawdd" which had been worked by Bennett's three brothers for many years at a loss. A 1747 lease by Lord Mansel to James Williams also featured mines at Llodrog and at Tir Coch on a thirty-one years lease at a rental of 3s 6d per wey. Thomas Lord Mansel granted a lease to John Padmore of Bristol and Walter Hughes of Swansea in 1729 for coal at Llanrhidian salt marsh. In the same year, Mathew Price leased from Lord Mansel land for coal and culm under Wern Fabian ycha, Wern Fabian ysha and Gwaun Gyndrick for eleven years at a rent of 3s 6d per wey. Later in the century, in 1754, the Duke of Beaufort was recorded as leasing land for coal to Anne Mackworth, and, in 1776, the same properties at Gurnos, Loughor