Cilfwnwr farm, 1999. E.C.W. was indeed commonly referred to as "Rees, Llanbrynmair", by his fellow nonconformists. Finally, money was also raised from time to time to help students preparing to enter the ministry and who in the majority of cases were attending the denominational college at Abergavenny: Collected 24 May 1772 towards supporting a student at Aber- gavenny £ 1 5 O. 23 April 1773 Collected towards supporting a student at Abergavenny Cl 16 0 at Sketty 4 6 added 1 6 Total £ 2 20 The church book also served as a register for the congregation, and the oulk of materials which it contains consists of records of membership and other associated details. An examination of these records enables us to race the growth of the cause over the period which it covers, as well as Providing information about the people who were attracted to this type