References All the wills quoted are in the National Library of Wales where they are listed in the Carmarthen Probate index in the manuscript room, with the possible exception of the will of J.W. Lucas who died in 1602. For details of the latter I am indebted to Mr W.C. Rogers. For seventeenth century Gower agriculture see articles bv Dr F.V. Emerv in the National Library of Wales Journal vols IX and X and in GOWER XXVI. For Galpons Hill see survey of Penrice Parish 1632, Published by the Cambrian Archaeological Association in 1864; also John Williams' map of Penrice Parish 1783 (Glamorgan Archives Service) which shows the house, and the Tithe map of 1845 which shows buildings on the site. For Pitt farmhouse see the article and plans by Bernard Morris in GOWER XVII (1966). George Froom Tyler When, in November 1983, we heard of the passing at the age of seventy-nine of George Froom Tyler, GOWER XXXIV was already with the printer. We cannot let this volume appear without recording our tribute to his work for the Gower Society. His association with Gower covered only the last third of his life but throughout that time he was a strong supporter of the Society's aims, particularly the protection of the quality of the Gower environment. He came to Swansea as editor of the South Wales Evening Post in 1957 and in that same year he was the principal speaker at the Society's Annual Dinner his speech can still be read in GOWER X. Retirement in 1969 gave him the opportunity to participate actively so that in 1969 and 1970 he was our President, in 1971 Vice-chairman and in 1972 Chairman, remaining a much respected member of the General Committee until 1978. His interests were broad and he was also a pillar of the Swansea Festival of Music and the Arts and a Council Member of the Royal Institution of South Wales. His death leaves them and our Society the poorer. B.M.