The Lodge Cwm Walk by BERNARD MORRIS From Cillibion, on the main North Road, east of Llanrhidian, to Parkmill. Total distance 2-a miles. Start at Cillibion where the main road forks to Cefn Bryn and Llanrhidian, and walk south towards a nearby cottage standing on the edge of the Common. At the foot of a large tree, just to the left of this cottage, is a gap in the hedge (the stile has recently collapsed). Go through the gap and keep the edge of the field, which borders an overgrown sunken lane, on your right. At the far end of the field turn sharp right through a gate and cross a stream by a ford with makeshift stepping stones. Continue straight up a sunken lane until open fields are reached. Then turn sharp left and keep the wire fence on your left. The fence divides the fields from the woods bordering the stream. Follow the fence, passing through five gates, some with stiles beside them. The second gate stands in the hedge which formed the old boundary of the private hunting ground of the Norman lords of Gower, still known as Paro le Breos. This hedge runs in a continuous curving