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Looking both ways, I, 32. My Toast your Society X, 19. Photographic Competition, 1958, XI, 32 1959, XII, 20 1960, XIII, 64. Ten Years of Open Air, X, 21. Working Party, IX, 35 See also, II, 46 IV, 62 VI, 43 VII, 50; VIII, 2 VIII, 41. Cower­-Some Memories of Childhood, XV. 43 Gower Special Area Sub-Committee, XIII, 2; XIII, 15. Gower Stories, A Couple of, V, 52. Gower United Association for the Prosecution of Felons, XIII, 4. Gower Wallica, IX, 36. Gower Wassail Song, I, 19. Gower, Welsh Costume in, VIII, 28 IX. 11. Gower, Welsh Wedding Costumes of Over one Hundred Years ago in North Gower, IX, 19. Gower, Witch Bottles in, VIII, 27. Gower, XIV Century (Map), IV, 32. Grenfell, D. R., I. 26. Griffiths, Evan-First Minister at Parkmill, XIV, 47. Griffiths, William, of Burry Green, X, 56. Gwent, XV, 15. Gwynn, Cyril-Bard of Gower, IV, 11. Hafod-I Remember, V, 6. Hammerton, The Rev. William, Lady Barham's Secretary, XV, 48. Harding. Olwen. Three Pages from the Journal of. 1. 12. Have you no Schools ? VII, 47. Hill Forts in New Zealand (Extract from The Voyage of the Beagle "), IX, 29. Historian of West Gower, The. VI. 7. Historical Background of Gower, The, XV, 5. History at Aberystwyth, XII. 49. Holiday, Notes on A, XV, 32. Horse's Head, The, V, 9 (Illustration), VIII. 50. Hughes, John. Manager of the Upper Bank Copper Works, Swansea, c. 1800. VII, 32. See also From Anglesey to Swansea, VII, 30. I Remember Extracts from members' memoirs. III. 40. I Remember Hafod, V, 6. Ilston, V, 31. Industrial Development in Clyne Valley, XIII, 28. Industries in the Swansea Valley, Dr. John Lane and the Foundation of the Non- Ferrous Metal. IV, 18. (See also V, 26). Inklemaker of Uvverton, An., Ill, 25. International Folk Dance Society Week, XV, 69. Inventory, A Swansea-John Morris, X, 58. Iron Ore mining at Mumbles and Langland Districts, 1845-1899. XII, 38. It Abounds in Deep Pits, IV, 30. January in Gower, XIII, 16. Janes, Alfred (Illustration), VII, 1. Jones, Ernest, IX, 54 XI, 28. Jones, Gwent, XV, 2; XV, 15 XV. 45. Jones, Thomas Baker (Illustration), VIII, 1 XII, 7. Killay, a suggested origin of the Place name, VII, 48. Killay, Flint Arrowhead find, VIII, 33. Kilvey, An old Gower Coal Mine, IV, 56. Kilvey, The Lordship of, A Retrospect, IV, 35. Knelston, A vanished Alignment of Standing Stones, XIII, 65. Lane, Dr. John, and the Foundation of the Non-ferrous Metal Industries in the Swansea Valley, IV, 18 See also V, 26. Latimer Davies-A Gower Worthy, VI, 39. Laverbread The weed of Hiraeth, XII, 26. Lee, Stephen G., XV, 2. A Portrait, XIV, 50. Leghorn to Penrice, VI, 16. Letter from A Gower Naturalist, XIII, 18. Letter from Cumberland, A. X. 31. Leucarum, The location of, VII, 17. Lilliput Hall, XIV, 72. Link with the Past, A, VIII, 28. Life and Work in the Old Days, III, 22. Life in a Gower Rectory, An Early Nineteenth Century Account, IV, 49. Lights seen from Gower, II, 25. Litter, VIII, 20. Llandeilo Talybont (Church), II, 38 Illustra- tion, III, 13. Llangennech, Shipping at, IX, 43 X, 34. Llangenydd, Brooch Find at Twlc Point, XV, 22. Llaneenydd, Earthwork on Harding's Down, VII, 16. Llangenydd, The Priory at, III, 5 XV, 5. Llangyfelach. A Home of Lost Causes, I, 3. Llangyfelach Ffair, XI, 49. Llanmadog, The Nine Weils, VI, 31. Llanrhidian Church (Illustration), III, 45. Llanrhidian Green (Illustration), V, 53. Llethrid Cwm. XIV, 3. Llethrid Cwm. Giant's Grave in, XIV, 6. Llwyn-y-Bwch. XII. 55. Llwvn-v-Bwch. Richard Gordon of, 1804-1877, XIV, 7. Loughor Estuary, Crossing the, XI, 50. Loughor, St. Patrick's Birthplace, XIV, 22. Loughor, The Location of Leucarum, VII, 17. Loughor Tithe Terrier, 1559, VII, 53. Mari Lwyd, V. 9 Illustration. VIII. 50. Marine Biology in Swansea Docks, XIII, 47. Sun Fish off Gower, XIII, 70. See also. Sea, at the edge of. Medieval Platform Sites in East Gower, VII 40 XIV, 29. Methodism in Gower. Early. X, 16. Memoirs, Extracts from Members', III, 40. Merchant's Long Memory, A, IX, 8. Metal Industries in the Swansea Valley, Non Ferrous. Dr. John Lane and the Foundation of. IV. 18. See also. V, 26. Metal Works at Penclawdd in the Eighteenth Century, V. 13. Metal Works at Penclawdd, Brass and Copper, XIV, 35. Mill Wood, The Felling of, XII, 2. Minchin Hole, Penard, Finds at, 1939-1944, VIII. 33. See also Excavations. Mining (Iron Ore) at Mumbles and Langland Districts. 1845-1899. XII. 38. Moist Situation, A, XI, 42. Morgan, Ernest, VII, 3. Morris Family and Swansea, The, V, 26. Morriston, Early History of, V, 26. Mumbles and Langland Districts, Iron Ore Mining at, 1845, 1899, XII, 38. Murder Stones, XIV. 45. Music Hall, The, VII, 44. My Gower (Review), X, 51. Mynydd Drumau Walk, The, VI, 34. Mynydd Pysgodlyn Penlle'r Bebyll Earth- work VII, 43. Nanny of Newton VIII, 28 IX, 11. Name Magic, VI. 20. National Trust and the National Parks Commission, VIII, 7.