Tailpiece THIS is the twelfth issue of Gower with the mixture as before," to suit many palates. We would like to thank all our contributors-amateur and professional alike-for letting us have all their con- tributions without payment. We would particularly like to say how much we welcome contributions from young people -born into the Society as it were. We are very anxious that Gower shall continue to have a good circulation and it is only you, its readers, who can ensure that. This year we are publishing 5 weeks before Christmas in the hope that we can capture a larger share of the Christmas market. Some of us have been engaged upon the happy task of producing Gower for the twelve issues. We ask in return for no more reward-and no less-than that a large number shall be sold. We are grateful to Dr. lorwerth Hughes Jones for letting us reproduce the drawing by Reg. Gammon and to Edward and Iris Martin of the Cilwych Press, Dunvant for their woodcuts. Contributions to future numbers are invited and should be sent to J. Mansel Thomas, Alveley, Rhosili, Swansea. Gower XII has been edited by J. Mansel Thomas, Glanmor Williams, T. R. Owen and Gwent Jones. Production was by the last-named. We are grateful to Mrs. Freda Howells for secretarial assistance. Printed by the John Penry Press at I 1 St. Helen's Road, Swansea. Published by Sidney Heath, Beau Nash House, Swansea. November, 1959.