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POBBLES BAY and THREE CLIFFS Photo Donald Gow Archaeological Discovery at Fall Bay. AN addition to the number of settlement sites of Iron Age period known in Gower has been made this year. The writer identified a promontory fort of this period on the steep limestone meadowland of Lewes Castle, Fall Bay, Rhosili. (X.G.R. 414873.) As in other sites of this type in Gower, the defences consist of a curving double line of ramparts and ditches cutting off and defending the area on top of the headland. An interesting feature of this site is a roughly triangular en- closure situated within the defended area. It is formed by two straight banks about fifty feet long meeting at approximately right-angles, the free ends running up to a steep slope at the rear, thereby enclosing the only portion of the defended area sheltered from the prevailing wind. It may be tentatively suggested that an occupation area may have existed in this inner enclosure. Those of the local sites of this type which have been excavated so far belong to the Iron Age B period and have been dated to circa 100 B.C. to 100 A.D., and were small farmsteads or hamlets occupied by the native population. Bernard Morris.