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Society, we found ourselves-not standing alone in the breach as we had feared, but supported by many other defenders, and not only from our own territory, but from all over the island of Britain. This sense of urgency forced up our membership from about fifty, to two hundred and fifty in three months But we have a long way to go before Gower will be safe. The report of the National Parks Committee (Hobhouse Report, 1947) advises the Government that the area of Gower west of a line from Caswell to Llanrhidian should be a National Park Conservation Area, but the report has not yet been implemented, so the definition conservation area," will be vague until the new National Parks Bill is published. Rhossilli is of course included in this definition, and soon we hope to learn what the County Planning Authority proposes to do with the area. It seems to many that such is the special significance of Rhossilli Bay and the area around it that the mal-development of but one part of that perfect western prospect with the glorious sweep of four miles, would ruin the whole; so it would appear that the proposed conservation area would be insufficient protection. The coastline from Port Eynon to Whitford Point including the great moorlands of Rhossilli and Llanmadoc should be national park proper, and what a National Park This small but magnificent park surrounded by a larger conservation-area, could be established without interference to agricultural land, or the villages of Rhossilli and Llangennydd-the latter the loveliest village in all Wales. Some of the coast-land is already owned by the National Trust, and Worm's Head is safe as a Geological Preserve bird-colonies have rights of sanctuary on Worm's Head and Burry Holm, and Rhossilli, Llan- madog and Harding's Downs are protected as common lands-so the prospect is well within reach. The Society has, during the year, conducted a dozen or so public lectures which people have not been slow to appreciate, and we have taken excursions to many Peninsula villages, where the Reverend Latimer Davies and others have described local features to all who wished to come indeed on one occasion so many came to Oystermouth Castle that J. E. Rees could only with difficulty move about to describe the parts. Another feature in which we take special pride is the colour-photography of Evan Evans. In a society where so many volunteers give expert services, it is appreciated that this record- photography in colour is a first-class piece of work. Others delve into the past, and folk-music is being recorded from a passing genera- tion. So we find everyone eager to assist in our work, and one has but to ment'on the name of the Society in the villages, to be embarrassed by help. Mr. Grenfell, our President and Member of Parliament, has Gower's future very near to his heart, and our patron and vice- presidents seek always to place a shoulder to the wheel, but above all our indefatigable chairman, Ernest Morgan, one of the best-known