THE POWYSLAND CLUB (founded 1867) CONSTITUTION (1) Name The name of the Club shall be THE POWYSLAND CLUB. (2) Aims and Objects a. The collecting and printing, for use of its members, of the Historical, Archaeological, Ecclesiastical, Genealogical, Topographical and Literary Remains of Montgomeryshire and its Borders. b. To Promote and encourage the study of the geology, geography and history of Montgomeryshire and its Borders. c. To promote and sponsor archaeological excavations and research. d. To produce an annual volume of Transactions, entitled The Montgomeryshire Collections, and occasional publications relevant to the aims of the Club. e. To arrange public lectures and excursions to places of interest in accordance with the aims of the Club. f. To co-operate with other societies and organisations having similar aims, by subscription and exchange of publications. (3) Membership Membership is open to all persons and bodies interested in promoting the aims of the Club upon payment of an annual subscription. All persons in membership of the Club are entitled to participate in the Club's activities, and paid up members to receive one copy of the Transactions, as published annually, except that joint members shall receive one copy between them. Membership normally lapses when subscriptions remain unpaid for more than two consecutive years. Membership may also be terminated for conduct incompatible with continued membership of the Club, provided that such termination is determined by not less than two thirds of the Council present and voting at a properly convened Council meeting. (4) Constitution of the Council The Council shall consist of not more than 35 members of the Club comprising the President, Vice-Presidents, Officers and not more than 21 members. The officers shall be the Chairman, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer, Hon. Editor and such other officers as