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'old', hir 'long', and poeth 'burnt'. Colours are also used, like du 'black', melen 'yellow', glas 'green', and very commonly gwen 'white'. Trees are referred to, as in Hendrederwen (Eglwysilan, 'oak'); merwydd 'mul- berry' in Hendreferwydd (Llanbedr/Llandecwyn, cf. 1672/3 Hendre ferwydd Ynys- gain). Here, too, may belong Hendre-wydd or Hendre'r-wydd in Llangynhafal, for there is a sixteenth century form which suggests that the second element is ywydd 'yew-trees' [1533/8 Henetre yr Owithe EAL/ECPW 81). Onn 'ash' occurs in Hendre'r-onn in Penegoes. Birds and animals are represented by sguthan 'wood-pigeon' in Hendre-sguthan in Llanilltud Faerdref: 1638 Hendrer Skythan CFL. Glam., c. 1700 Hendre Skithan Par. iii 35, 1717 Hendreskedan GRO. D/DXaj 3. Hendrebolon in Ystradfellte does not at first sight belong here, but an earlier form shows that we have to deal with ebolion 'colts' [1579 tyr hendreyrrebollion Penpont]. The occupations which are named are mynach, mynaich 'monk(s)', as in Hendre'r- mynach in Llanaber [1737 Hendre mynach Meir. ii 282, 1795 Hendre'r Mynach Comb. Reg. i 300], and Margam [1670 Hendre Meneigh PMM. 4 i 244], and in Hendre'rmynach in Whitford [c. 1700 Hendre mynach Par i 74]. Clochydd 'sexton' is found in Hendre'rclochydd in Llanaber [1658 Hendre y Clochydd, Tynygongl 647, 1704 Hendre'r Clochydd 651]. The most numerous group is that in which hendre is followed by a personal name, a selection of which only can be given here Angharad in Hendre Angharad (Margam: 1670 Hendre Angharad PMM. 4 i 244). Baset in Hendre Fased (Llangynwyd: 1429 Blayn hendre vassett PMM. 4 iii 100, 1495 Hendree Vasseyde ib., 1531 Hendre Vassed 103). ?Cadrodd in Hendregadrodd Hendregadredd (Dolbenmaen: 1650-1700 Hendregadrodd, Brogyntyn III, 1659 hendre gadrod, 1686-7 Hendre- gadno TCHS. xviii 32). C(a)radog in Hendre Gradog (Cilybebyll: 1622 Hendref gradog, Cilybebyll, 1634 Hendre Cradocke, ib., 1661 Hendre Gradock ib.). Dyddgu in Hendre Ddyfrgi (Uandanwg. This form is a good illustration of the way in which names are changed: 1574 hendre ddyddgy, Thorowgood 1604 Hendre ddyddgy, Dolfriog, 1637/8 hendre ddyddgy, ib.). Engan or Einion is common, and found in Llandecwyn, Llanfaredd, Llanfi- hangel Rhos-y-corn, Llanfihangel Ystrad (1615 Tythyn Hendre Eynon Pengelly, 1691, Hendre Eynon otherwise Tir Master Rice, ib.), Llanybydder Mitchell Troy, and St. David's (1592 Hendreynon, Maesgwynne).