the time of Richard Griffiths of Plas Madoc, Llandysilio, and Glanhavren, Pool, coroner from 1575 to 1587, nearly all were related to his descendants. John Vaughan of Trederwen Hall married the sister of Richard Griffiths the Bailiff and Edward Griffiths, the Sheriff's Clerk. Captain Morris Lloyd married the widow of Bailiff Richard Griffiths. Arthur Vaughan followed his father, John Vaughan; John Griffiths of Glanhavren followed Arthur Vaughan; Thomas Rogers followed John Griffiths, while Lumley Williams followed Thomas Rogers. But I am digressing from my subject of Gabriel Rogers. In the memorandum book of "young Richard Griffiths," the Llandrinio Bell giver, is an entry: "Brother Higon's accompt." Brother Higons was really his wife's brother, Nathaniel Higgins of Cletterwood in Buttington Parish. The "Accompt" includes:- "to Thomas Jones in October, 1681, and expended there about E7 1 0 to the Gaoler and Under Gaoler their fees and expenses there 17 0 to yourself at Shrewsbury 2 6 to Mr. Kynaston £ 5 0 0 Paid Thomas Griffiths for 2 Judgments in May Sessions, 1682 El 7 10 Paid Gabriel Rogers 12th October, 1682 E2 5 0 etc., etc., etc. On the previous page of this book is :­ "I received of Rice Thomas £ 4 toward his accompt. I am bound for him. to the Gaoler, etc. £ 12 7 2 to Mr. Kynaston £ 6 0 0 and upwards to Thomas Griffiths £ 8 0 0 to Gabriel Rogers £ 27 0 0 etc., etc., etc. Of course I have no proof that the above-named Gabriel Rogers is the same person as Gabriel Rogers, the Bookseller, born near Llandrinio at Winnington, but it seems fairly certain to be so. The Thomas Griffiths mentioned in the above accounts was the son of Richard Griffiths, attorney, the third Richard Griffiths of Glanhavren. He was an attorney and Protonotary for Montgomeryshire and Denbigh, and brother of John Griffiths of Glanhavren, the Coroner. Thomas Griffiths died at Rhydeskin, near Buttington, and was succeeded there by LumJev Williams the Coroner. It was the murder of