Editorial Man and "It is man who reveals a country's individuality by moulding Nature it to his use, till at length it becomes, as it were, a medal struck in the likeness of a people." (Vidal de la Blache). The Sources of "Human history is one and indivisible, whether the evidence History for it has been drawn from a book, from a manuscript, from an inscription, from a building, from an earthwork, or from a potsherd." (Sir J. E. Lloyd). The Local It is said that every man used to believe that he could write Historian a novel, if he tried. "To-day it might seem rather that we discern in ourselves a potential historian. There is ample evidence of a spread of interest in the subject and historical research may almost be said to have become a national hobby. No doubt the enlarged opportunities have much to do with it. Documents long hidden in family muniment rooms, as well as public records of earlier centuries, are now accessible to every seeker in the County Record Office (or in the National Library.-Editor). One consequence is seen in a growing volume of town and village histories, many of them admirable both in style and content." (Times Literary Supplement, 20, v. 1960). Friends of the The Council of the National Library has formed an associa- National Library tion, Cyfeillion Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru, the aim of which is to extend the general interest in the work of the Library. It is hoped that friends will do valuable service by reporting local dis- coveries of books and manuscripts, and by encouraging their neighbours to do the same. Deeds, minute books, accounts, etc., frequently come to light, but some of them disappear again, because the finders have not realised their importance for historians, or do not know how to ensure their preservation. Anyone willing to join this association has only to inform the Librarian of the National Library of Wales, and pay a minimum subscription of five shillings a year. Back The Secretary makes the following appeal "Though Volumes the club has a considerable stock of these, there are certain parts which are in very short supply, or even non-existent. The Club has, from time to time, requests for long runs of back numbers, which it cannot supply. If any members possess back numbers, of any date, which they do not require, they would materially assist the Club by letting the Secretary or the Museum Caretaker have them. Copies of Vol. 45, in particular, are needed."