copy of this enlarged pedigree has recently been deposited at the National Library of Wales by Mr. G. R. Marriott Parry of Llidiardau, Cardiganshire. It is the first item in a slim volume of genealogy and heraldry written early in the seven- teenth century. The original text is in Welsh and ends with a brief account of Rees ap David Lloyd, having faithfully traced his ancestry from Brutus. A continuator brought the record down to John Pryce of Park, and a third hand added the name of his son, Matthew Pryce. The whole pedigree is then trans- lated into English under the impressive heading of — The Geneologie or Pedigree of the Pryces of the Hall at Newtowne with the several Branches derived from ye same stock as it is attested in the Ancient British Language wch Geneologie has always been preserved in the family. We have seen that the fifteenth century bards were unaware of these gen- ealogical pretensions. Therefore, we will here follow their example and begin an extract of the pedigree with the name of Elystan Glodrydd, following the English version but correcting it with the original Welsh where correction is required. ELYSTAN GLODRYDD, son to Cyheilin, was Earl of Hereford, Governor of Gloucester, baron Stafford, lord of all between the Wye and Severn, and one of the five royal tribes of Wales. Elystan was born in Hereford Castle, in the ninth year of the reign of Athelstan, king of the Saxons, who was god- father to Elystan, and called him after his own name. Elystan Glodrydd married Gwenllian daughter of Einion ap Owen ap Howel Dda, and they had one son called Cadwgan, and a daughter called Constans who married Sir Alexander Mydleton, the first of that name and Constable of Montgomery. Elystan Glodrydd helped Edwin ap Einion, his brother-in-law, to regain South Wales from Meredith ap Owen, and this Meredith slew Elystan on Cefn Digoll; Elystan was buried there in a chapel, which was afterwards called Trefelystan in memory of him. CADWGAN Ap ELYSTAN married Eva, daughter of Gwrgan ap Ithel, lord of Gla- morgan, and they had twelve sons, viz: (i) Idnerth, (2) Evas, (3) Cadverth, (4) Syssyllt, (5) Iestyn Varchog, (6) Llewelyn, (7) Elidur Hir, (8) Ioreth, (9) Hoedliw Goch, (10) Gwrgene, (11) Elidur Vachan, (12) Gwingoch alias Gwgan. The above Evas, lord of Arwystli, married Margaret, daughter of Gruffydd ap Cynan, prince of North Wales. They had a son called Howel ap Evas, lord of Arwystli, and ancestor of Ednop and others.