Fifteenth and Sixteenth Century Lords of the Manor of Broniarth By WILLIAM ARTHUR GRIFFITHS, Officier d'Academie. In my Article headed An Appreciation in Volume LIII, Part II, of The Montgomeryshire Collections, I mentioned, on page 92, the absence of any records of the Manor of Broniarth from the year 1444 until 1536, in which year a Charter was issued by Edward Lloyd ap David and Evan Lloyd Vaughan, Joint Lords of the Manor of Broniarth. This blank has now been partly filled in. A year or two ago, I saw a Report by the County Archivist of Salop, which mentioned that Colonel Lloyd of Leaton Knolls had deposited a very large number of documents concerning property in Montgomeryshire as well as in Shropshire. These documents included 473 deeds dated 1509­1770 for pro- perty in Broniarth, 19 deeds for Burgedin, etc. Incidentally the Lloyds of Leaton Knolls derived their Guilsfield property through marriage with the heiress of the Lloyds of Domgay, who had inherited it under the will of Brochwel Griffiths of Broniarth Hall, who died in 1742. As I had not had any opportunity of personally examining these deeds at Shrewsbury, I wrote last January to the County Archivist asking whether any of the Broniarth deeds dated between 1509 and 1536 mentioned the names of the current Lords of the Manor. The Archivist, Miss C. Hill, M.A., most kindly examined them and found the following references :­ 10 April, 6 Henry VIII (15 15). Griffith ap Rynallt and Jevan Llwyd Vychan, lords of Baraniarth. 21 July, 10 Henry VIII (1518). Jevan Lloyd Vychan and David Lloyd ap Griffith ap Rynald, lords of Breannerth. 23 July, 20 Henry VIII (1528). Jevan Lloid Vychun and Edward ap David Lloyd, lords of Branerth. 10 February, 27 Henry VIII (1536). Edward Lloid and Jevan Lloid Vichan, lords of Broniarthe. (The spelling of names and places given above is that given in the documents quoted). Thus, thanks to Miss Hill's kind and expert assistance, the empty period has been reduced to 1444-15 14.