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Strata Marcella Documents J. Conway Davies No. i. n.d. (1170-1172) Grant by Ouein, son of Griffin, for the souls of himself and his ancestors, namely his father and mother, and other of his predecessors, to the brothers of the Cistercian order, namely of the church of St. Mary the Virgin, of the White House (Alba domo), of Stratmarghel, contained in these bounds from one side of Hauren to the dyke which is between Redheschin and Crengai, and from that dyke to the pit of the sheep (puteum ovium), and so running around the bright woodland (charum nemus), ending as it extends to the gibbets (patibula) thence it proceeds between the meadow and the wood to the stream which is in the broad vill (lata villa), where ending it reaches as far as the end of argemunnre and from the end of the same, by the summit (supercilium) of the hill Worgy, to the horses' pit, and so it finishes in Hauren freely and quit of all custom and tithe rents and other customs, in wood, plain and waters, and all manner of other utilities; to build an abbey in honour of God and the Virgin Mary. Witnesses David, son of Goluunn, Suglen, son of Caradauc, John, son of Gueid, Woit Beanuoir, clerk; of laymen, Gorgeniu, son of Grifri, Celuie, son of Chengret, Meurich, son of Grifri, Chenuellin, son of Dolfin, Joruerd, son of Wiaun, Caldellin, son of Roger, and his brother, Chengret, Riaunal, son of Budor, Rodbert, son of Caradauc. (From the inspeximus of 12 March, 1322, p. 120 Charter Roll No. 108. m. 6 Calendar of Charter Rolls, Vol. ill, (1300—1327, p. 438; W. Dugdale, Monaslicon, Vol. V, p. 637, No. HI; see below No. 54). No. 2. 1176 Grant by Mareduth, son of Howel, lord of the province (provincie) called Edeyrniaun, for his soul, to God and St. Mary and the monks of Strandmarchell, of the whole land called esgengaynauc, in all its bounds and appurtenances, in free, quiet and perpetual possession. Mareduth wishes it to be known that hey- lewit, who sometime held that land, sold the whole of his right in the said land, to the monks in free, quiet and perpetual possession; Heylewith received for the whole of that land from the monks two and a half pounds of silver; Madoc son