repute, it is amusing to bear his father's advice You ought not to attempt to work in your lodgings, for you will be sure to do damage, and never operate on anything of which you do not know the exact effect. Have little to do with furnaces and lamps We know that in 1841 R. P. Buddicom's eyesight was failing, for he begins another letter to William If my eyesight were as good as yours '.5 As we have seen, he died suddenly in July 1846 and on 26 July his funeral sermon* was preached by the Reverend David Anderson, M.A., curate of St. Bees and Vice-Principal of the Clerical College. NOTES TO APFENDIX III 1The biographical material in this section is taken from J. and J. A. Venn, Alumni Cantabrig- ienses, part II, 1752—1900, Vol I. 2Flints. Record Office, Buddicom Collection 102. He had only 3 children at this time. 3Ibid, 148. 4Ibid., 146. »Ibid., 184. •Ibid., 106.