PUBLICATIONS Volume 24 of the Society's Publications appeared in May under the joint editorship of Professor J. Gwynn Williams and Mr. M. Bevan-Evaua. Fittingly the Journal included a tribute from the new editors to Sir Goronwy Edwards, who had been editor of the Society's Publications since 1922. The policy of the Editors will not change and it is hoped to keep up the high scholarly tradition set by Sir Goronwy. More material is always required for the Journal and especially from members of the Society. OFFICERS Mrs. and Miss Formby continued to give great service to the Society as Excursions Secretaries, with the general approval and gratitude of members. Mrs. Read has kindly taken over the duties of membership secretary and is compiling a new list of members, to appear in print in the next Journal. Miss Hannah Neaverson, to the great regret of the Council, has signified her resignation as Press Secretary. This office she has filled successfully for many years and the publicity given in the press to the Society's proceedings has been most gratifying. Mrs. Read, of Mold, has volunteered to take on the post. Generally there is a considerable need for volunteers to help run the Society and additional members are especially needed in a time of rising costs. Recruiting for the Society is a job in which any member can help. By its lectures, excursions and publications the Society still gives good value for the money. The Council hope that each member will help by recommending mem- bership to somebody else. RESEARCH The Research and Archaeology Committee has been reformed after a lapse of years, and several younger members have been co-opted. It is hoped soon to hold a meeting of the new committee.