discover the existence, extent and shortcomings of others' work before beginning his own. There is merit in this investigation, but more merit in having the information available in index form. The student of geology in Wales is better served there are comprehensive lists available of research in this branch of learningC and periodically they are brought up to date.5 Over the years Universities have made theses more easily accessible to students. Most Universities will allow bona fide researchers into their libraries to read theses they will borrow theses from other University Libraries and this is quite an ex- pensive matter as registered post is involved. In my experience University Librarians are most willing to help. In addition, the author's permission is often needed, and also that of the Head of Department where the research was carried out. Finally a written undertaking may be required to acknowledge any source from which a quo- tation is made, and after all this is only common courtesy. I have been engaged in research on Flintshire for some years now and in the course of my investigation I have come across the existence of many University theses re- lating to Flintshire either entirely or in part. I offer the following alphabetical list in the hope they might be of interest or use to another student of Flintshire. I shall be glad to hear of those I have not yet come across. 'Douglas A. Bassett, Bibliography and Index of Geology and Allied Sciences for Wales and the Welsh Borders 1897-1958 (National Museum of Wales, 1961). s/dem., "List of Papers, Books, Theses, etc., on the Geology of Wales and the Welsh Borders, 1959-1960," Liverpool and Manchester Geological Journal, Vol. 3, Part I, 1962, pp. 33-40. The same author has published further papers bringing his lists up-to-date in succeeding volumes of the Geological Journal (successor to the Liverpool and Manchester Geological Journal). LIST OF THESES ARMOUR, C. The Trade of Chester and the State of the Dee Navigation, 1600-1800.' Ph.D. (London), 1956. BANNERJEE, A. Petrology of the Upper Visean limestones and associated sediments in Flintshire.' Ph.D. (Liverpool), 1958. Benayas Casabes, J. 'The detrital and authigenic minerals of North Wales soils with special reference to the fine sand and silt fractions and their parent rocks'. Ph.D. (Wales), 1960. BETHELL, J. P. 'The Dee Estuary an historical geography of its use as a port.' M.Sc, (Wales), 1962/8. BRoWN. E. H. Contributions to the Geomorphology of Wales.' Ph.D. (London), 1955/6. Brown, W. W. M. 'The petrology and paleoecology of certain Carboniferous Limestone Regions in North Wales.' Ph.D (Wales), 1960. CHAMBERS, R. E. 'Environmental factors in milk production in England and Wales.' M.Sc. (Southampton), 1966. Davies, V. C. The Economic Geography of North Wales'. M.Sc. (Econ.) (London), 1959. EMBLETON, C. 'The geomorphology of north-east Wales.' Ph.D. (Cambridge), 1956. EvANS, B. M. Settlement and agriculture in North Wales, 1536 — 1670.' Ph.D. (Cambridge), 1966. GADSBY, D. E. 'The Navigation of the River Dee (Bibliography).' Diploma in Librarian- ship (London), 1955. Gibb, R. A. Gravity measurements in Wales.' Ph.D. (Birmingham), 1961. Gibson, J. R. The paper industry of north west England M.A. (Liverpool), 1958.