CONTENTS Officers and Council of the Society vi Report of the Council and Summary of Accounts for the Years 1959 & 1960 viii Flintshire Record Office, 1960 xi Rescue Excavations at Moel Hiraddug. I-Excavations in 1954-5 1—20 By CHRISTOPHER HOULDEB, M.A., F.S.A. Hope Church 21—31 By GEORGE LLOYD Gadlys and Flintshire Lead-mining in the Eighteenth Century: Part II 32-60 By M. BEVAN-EVANS, M.A., F.S.A. Bodrhyddan and the familes of Conwy, Shipley-Conwy and Rowley. Conwy: Part I 61—86 By NORMAN TUCKER, F.R.HIST.S. Archaeological Notes 87—95 By GEORGE LLOYD, J. RIGG, G. J. JONES and P. HAYES Book Review 95 Council for British Archaeology 96 List of Members 97—106