Canon ELLIS DAVIES, M.A., D.LITT., F S.A.; Mr. G. BAGSHAW; Dr. D. J. FRASER; Mr. P. HAYES, M.A. Mr. G. B. LEACH, F.S.A.; Mr. FFRANGCON LLOYD, L.R.I.B.A. Mr. GEOROE LLOYD; Alderman HYWEL OWEN; Mr. T. G. E. POWELL, M.A. F.B.A.; Mr. W. H. STEAD Mr. F. H. THOMPSON, M.C., M.A., F.S.A. Mr. PETER WILD; with the Chairman and Secretaries. Dr. D. J. FRASER; Mr. H. W. HUMBEBSTONE; Mr. G. J. Jones, M.A. Mrs. K. IDWAL Jones Mr. J. R. LAWTON Mr. FFRANGCON LLOYD, A.B.I.B.A. Mr. GEORGN LLOYD; Miss E. PETERS Mrs. J. R. HUMPHRY WILLLAMS; Mrs. T. T. PENNANT-WILLLAMS; Mr. J. F. SHARP, M.A.; Miss M. VERNON with Mr. J. R. HUMPHRY WiLLiAm (Secretary of the Excursions Committee) and the Chairman and Secretaries. Mr. T. T. PENNANT-WILLIAMS, F.S.A. (Chairman) Dr. D. J. FRASER Mr. NIGEL HERNE Mr. F. A. HIGGEN; Mr. GEORGE LLOYD; Mr. PETER WILD; with Mr. M. BEVAN-EVANS (Joint Secretary of the Society) and Mr. PETER Haves, M.A. (Secretary and Organiser of the Photographic Survey). ME. C. V. HARRIS, The Laurels, Hawardon MR. J. R. HUMPHRY WILLIAMS, Pant-yr-Eithen, Bryniau, Dyserth Sm J. GORONWY EDWARDS, M.A., D.LITT., F.B.A., F.S.A., 35, Westmoreland Road, London, S.W.13 MR. W. HUGH JONES, Clerk of the County Council and of the Peace, Flintshire MR. M. BEVAN-EVANS, M.A., F.S.A., Flintshire County Archivist, The Old Rectory, Hawarden Excursions Secretary Editorial Socrdary General Secretaries Archaeology and Excavations Committee Excursions Committee Photographic Survey Committee