Altar Plate IN THE Church of S. John-the-Baptist Hawarden. BY THE REV. W. F. JOHN TIMBRELL, M.A. fN the sixth number of the Flintshire Historical Society Journal I gave some account of the altar plate in the Church of St. Mary, a district church in the Parish of Hawarden, standing in the township of Broughton between Hawarden and Salmey; it was the first of the many Chapels of ease which now bring the Sacra- ments of the Church within easy reach of those parishioners who live some "distance away from the Mother Church. St. John's was built nearly twenty years later, in 1843, in Pentrobin, on the high ground in the neighbourhood of Buckley and Hope, during the incumbency of Rector Henry Glynne. The Church is remarkable from the fact that the paintings which decorate the whole of the walls, roof, altar, puipit and screen, as well as the glass in the windows, were designed and executed by the Curate in charge at the time-Rev J. E. Troughton. Antiquaries frequently overlook objects which would be full of interest to them by taking for granted that Churches of modern foundation contain within them nothing