of iron and 16 steel gads bought to make tools for the said miners (because they had no tools of their own), and for the wages of one smith making the aforesaid tools and sharpening them, and for the carriage of three cartloads of ore from Dissard to Rothelan to make copper from it, and for wood and ashes (cineribus) bought to make one furnace (astrum), and for firewood and charcoal bought to heat the same ore, and for other small particulars 13s. 71d. Memorandum That the aforesaid miners could make nothing of the said ore. And therefore, immediately the said trial had been made they were discharged. To Robert le Fynour making three fodders of lead from the ashes left by the aforesaid miners as of no value, and to show similarly how much gain he could make from the ore of the said mine, for his wages for 8 days at 6d. a day 4s. To Henry de Asshebourn and Richard de Asshebourn, miners digging ore from the mine for the aforesaid trial, for their wages for 10 days in the month of May at 3d. each per day 5s. For sshes and turf (turbis) bought for founding the ore and lead 3d. Memorandum That the value of the copper produced by those miners would not pay for their wages. Therefore as soon as this was seen they were immediately discharged. To the aforesaid Robert le Fynour coming to Chester to Sir William de Bliburgh, Chancellor of the Lord Prince, and sent by the same Chancellor to diverse mines in Engle- feld and other adjacent parts upon views and trials, for his expenses by command of the same Chancellor in two payments in the month of August. 1os. Sum 81. 12s. laid.