Churchstoke & its Townships. By GEORGE MOUNTFORD. The parish of Churchstoke is an irregular oblong of 10,792 acres and consists of two distinct areas on the eastern border of Montgomeryshire together with an intervening corner of West Shropshire. It has seven townships in Montgomeryshire and two in Shropshire, and in the following account of their boundaries and contents the Domesday names, so far as they are indentified by the Rev. R. W. Eyton, are given in brackets. I. Weston Madoc (Westune) is separated from the rest of the Montgomeryshire portion of the parish by the two Shropshire townships of Brompton and Rhiston and is therefore described in the Ordnance Survey as detached." It includes the high ground stretching from Draen-llwyn-Elen and Stone House nearly to Llwynobin, but its eastern part, between Great Weston and Offa's Dyke, has an undulating surface, with Pen- bryn pleasantly situated at the top of one of the gentle slopes. Fifty acres on its northern side are in Lymore Park. During last century Little Weston, a farm of seventy acres with a resident owner, was absorbed by its larger neighbour and Wernllwyd, sixty-four acres, has been added to Lower Gwarthlow. The Tithe Schedule shows a large proportion of ancient meadow land, especially on Great Weston Farm, pointing to thorough