POWYS-LAND MUSEUM CATALOGUE. The Classification of a Small Museum like this requires some explanation. LOOK AT GROUND FLOOR PLAN (Frontispiece). The arrangement we have tried to adopt is as follows On entering the Museum walk straight across the room, and on the right of the Entrance to the Shell Room the Geology Table Cases commence, and are continued to the Entrance Door. Next turn to Prehistoric Case A, Bronze Case B, Iron and Roman Case C, Roman and Danish Case D, Anglo Saxon Case E. Mediaeval Case F. Now urn right round to Entrance Door, and you come to Historic Wall Cases A, B, C. Then comes a special case of Egyptian Pottery. Passing the Entrance to the Reference Library we come to Strata Ma rcella Excavation exhibits. Following on round the Room we come to two Wall Cases E. and F, and close by two Table Cases H and G, containing the Mayence Collection. Then follows Arms and Armour in Wall Cases G. and H., and Wall Case of Minerals. The Coins are contained in Six Table Cases 1 to 6. The Shells and Stuffed Birds are in a separate Room, also the collection of Birds Eggs. The Catalogue as printed commences with the Historic Period, but it is hoped this short description of the general arrangement will enable everyone to find what they wish to see. M.C.. Montgomeryshire Collections." Donors names are given to each exhibit, as far as possible. T. SIMPSON JONES, Curator.