Covent permise and grant by these presents that he ye sd Alexandr Jones for and dureing the said tearme the said John Jones after the best manner that he can shall teach & informe or cause to be taught and informed in the said Arte trade mistery or occupation of a sadler and also shall provide him with meat drinke bedding & cloathing & all other his necessarys dureing the said tearme In wittness whereof the parties aforesaid to these presents interchargeably their hands and seales have put as on the day and year first above written. Sealed and delivered in JOHN + Jones. the presence of JANE THOMAS This Indenture witnesseth that Samuel Evans the sone of Henry Evans late of Oswestry in the County of Salop Cuiner de'sed by & with the consent and of the Mayor & Vicar & Churchwardens of the towne and Parish of Oswestry hath put himselfe apprentice to and with Edward Vaughan of the said Towne and County Sadler to learne his Art & with him after the manner of an apprentice to serve from the day of the date hereof unto the full end & terme of seaven years from thence next ensuing and fully to be compleat & en led During which said Terme the said apprentice his said master faithfully shall serve, his secrets keepe, his Lawful commandments everywhere shall gladly doe, he shall doe noe damage to his said master nor see to be done of others, but that he to his power shall let or forthwith give warning to his said master he shall not waste the goods of his Sd master nor lend them unlawfully to any; he shall not committ fornicaton nor contract matrimony within the said Terme; he shall not play at the Dice, Cards, Tables, or any other unlawfull game or games whereby his Sd Master may have any losse; with his owne proY goods or others during the Sd Terme without the Licence of his said master he shall neither buy nor sell; he shall not haunt lavernes or Ale- houses nor absent himself from his Sd master day nor nio-ht unlawfully, but in all things as a faithfull apprentice he shall behave himselfe towards his said Mr and all his during the Sd Terme And the said master his said Apprentice in the same Alex11 JONES. The mark of John MOODY JOHN MOODY. The mark of