THE POOR, 1685-1734. A Transcript OF A NUMBER OF OLD INDENTURES RECENTLY DISCOVERED IN A STOREROOM AT THE OSWESTRY HOUSE OF INDUSTRY. By H. H. C. SUMMERS. THE Indenture made the eighteenth day of January in the first year of the Reigne of our Soveraign Lord James the Second by the Grace of God of England Scotland France and Ireland King defender of the faith, etc., Anno D'mi 1685 Betweene John Jones sone of the sonne of Alexandr Jones of Oswestry in the County of Salop Sadler of the one parte and the Said Alexandr of the other parte Witnesseth that the said John Jones by and with the Consent of the said Vicar and Church Wardens hath put and bound himselfe an apprentice to and with his said father to be instructed and taught in the Arts trade mistery or occupaton of a Sadler and with him to Continue and devote from the day of the date of these presents for and dureing the tearme of seven years thence next ensuing And fully to be Compleat and ended And the said John Jones doth Covenant permise and Grant by these presents that he the said John Jones for & dureing the said terme shall and will well dilligently and faithfully serve his said father as his master his Comandmts and precepts lawfull and honest everywhere shall doe his secretts shall keepe damage or hurt to his said master he shall not doe nor consent or suffer to be done but the same to his power shall lett or thereof his said master Innordinatly or any parte thereof he shall not waste consume or spend nor the same to any person or persons give or lend without his said masters Licence Att the Dice Cards bowles or any other unlawfull games he shall not play Tavernes or Alehouses of Custom he shall not hunt or frequent saveing about his said masters business there to be done noe fornicacon shall he Comitt matrimony with any woman he shall not Contract or espouse dureing the said terme neither from the seruice of his said master shall himselfe at any tyme dureing the said tearme absent without his said masters Licence but-as a true and faithfullserv* shall behave himselfe towards his said master as well in words as deeds And the said Atexandr Jones doth