NATIONAL LIBRARY OF WALES. DEPT. OF MSS. D.D. No. 543. A SURVEY OF THE LORDSHIP OF HALCETOR, Co. MONTGOMERY, DATED 30TH JUNE. 1609. PARTICULARS given of the tenants and their holdings in the vills of Hyssington, Churchstoke and Hurdley, Customs of the Manor, &c. The survey printed in the following pages, I recently discovered among the Montgomeryshire documents, now preserved in the National Library at Aberystwyth. A transcript thereof I thought would be a fitting contribution to the pages of the Montgomeryshire Collections. Its contents are interesting by way of supplementing the evidences included in the appendices to the account of the Parish of Hyssington, and they 'will also prove equally valuable to workers on Hurdley and Churchstoke. E.A.L. In Comitatu Montgomery. Halcetor Dominium Supervisus ib'm Capt' ultimo die Junij Annis Regni Regis Jacobi Angliai &c vij° et Scotiae xlij° Coram Robertum Lloyd Gener' virtute Comissionis Diet Dni' Regis Extr' Scacar suum Direct' Super Sacrament'. Div'sor' pbor' et legalium hominu' tarn tenen' Manerij p'd q'm alior pro vt inferius sequitur Anno D'ni 1009. Nomina Jurator'. Richardus Pughe Gen; David Bowen gen; Hugo ap Howell gen Joh'es ap Evan gen; Ric'us ap David Cadwalader gen; Johan'es ap Richard; Ric'eus ap Richard gen; Joh'es ap Howell ap Edward gen Edwardus Gittings gen; Ric'us Cowper yeom'; Ric'eus