FORDEN UNION DURING THE NAPOLEONIC WARS, 1795-1816. BEING EXTRACTS FROM THE MINUTE BOOKS OF FORDEN UNION. Originally EXTRACTED By J. GRIFFITH MORRIS, Esq. B.A., And ANNOTATED and Completed By MARY NEWILL OWEN. THESE interesting and valuable extracts, from the old Minute Books belonging to Forden Union, were originally extracted by Mr. J. G. Morris for a paper he had promised for publication in the Montgomery- shire Collections, but owing to ill-health he left the work unfinished. I have, therefore, with his permission, endeavoured to make use of them to some small extent. I believe it was Mr. Morris's intention to go through the whole of the Minute Books housed at Forden Workhouse, i.e., up to the year 1834, the time of the Poor Law Reform, but this being too great a task for me to undertake, I have taken only the period of the Napoleonic upheaval, being by far the most interesting in the history of the Poor Laws. Great Britain was fighting for her existence, roughly speaking, from 1795 to 1815.. The total cost of the War with France being £ 831,446,449, taxation of a necessity became more and more heavy, and Pitt was obliged to turn to almost every expedient that his financial ingenuity could suggest. The cost of the War therefore fell with special severity upon the poor, since taxes were placed upon every necessity