Brochwel Yscythrog, King of Powys, by birthright as grandson of Humphrey Griffiths—"a substantial land- owner in Deytheur," and his claim was allowed by the College of Heralds—vide Mont. Coll., vol He seemed however to have only a hazy idea as to the identity of his great grandfather. RICHARD AP HUMPHREY (alias Richard Griffithes). A law suit occurred 24 Charles I. (1648) by Depositions taken at Llandrinio between Edward Penryn and Richard Derwas against Richard ap Humphrey re land in Llandrinio parish called Gwirglodd Vawr1 mortgaged by Roger Penryn (plaintiffs father) to Richard ap Humphrey the defendant. 1 That is The Big Meadow," which is still the name of a field on Penthryn Farm.—Ed.