THE PERAMBULATION OF THE BOUNDARIES OF CHURCHSTOKE PARISH, THIS Perambulation was undertaken by the Vicar (the Rev. Richard Holder), the Churchwarden (Mr. Griffiths), and several others, on the 12th, 13th, 14th May, 1702 and the account of their walks is most faithfully described by Mr. Richard Jones, Parish Clerk. A perusal of this account will afford the reader most interesting information from a parochial point of view. And, it will also tell him that this Perambulation was not undertaken in an unseemly manner. On the con- trary, it was performed with a solemnity and a precision most gratifying to all who love order, method, and diligent care. In the first place, the men who volun- teered for this work began it with a reverential recog- nition of Providence for, before they ventured to take one single step on their way, they assembled themselves together in church, and that too, at the early hour of seven o'clock. And, they finished with prayers and the reading of the Gospell." However, it must not be concluded from these actions that these men were not men of ordinary likes and dis- likes. In fact, they were ordinary examples of the people who inhabited this country at that time. The services in church, as well as those held in the open air, they enjoyed and they also enjoyed the good food and drink that were provided for them by their hospit- able neighbours while they were on their way. More- over, when their walks came to an end, "Mr John Richards, Churchwarden of that division, entertained the Minister and company with a treat that cost fiften shillings "-a goodly sum of money well spent in a good