It'm did you lodge one Edwarde ap Eliza in your house about the moneth of August the yeare aforsaid being a man going towards the queenes mats councell in the M'ches of Wales about certaine suit of his that depended before the said councell. Yea or no. It'm did you willfullie murther the same Edwarde ap Eliza in your house or neare your house or do you knowe howe the (said Edwarde ap) Eliza was murthered wheare and by cause he was murthered. Yea or no. A Register booke of the names and Surnames of all such p'sons as shall happen to be christened maryed and Buryed within p'ishe of llanlligan wthin the diocese of Sainct Assaphen sett foorth and allowed by William Assaphen Bishopp of the said Dioc's in Anno D'ni 1602. and received into this Church of llanlligan the xilh day of July in anno p'dicto. 1603. Iana vz Dauid vaughan uxor Evani ap Dauid ap Cadd'r sepultus erat ix° die Aprilis in Anno D'ni 1603. Katherine the wif of Charles Stare was buried the xxth day of the moneth afforesaid. Ieu'n ap Dauid ap Caddr et Margereta vz Owen maritus erat xxi° die Junii in Ecclesia p'ochiali de Llanlligan in anno suprado. Ales verch Owen Sepulta erat quinto die Augusti. Richardus Eavans et Ellena verch Dauid maritus erat septimo die Augusti in Anno D'ni, 1603. 1604. 1604, Feb. 10. Jana vz Rs ap Dauid ap R's bap. Mai 22. Elizebethe vz Icu'n ap Kidwalad' „ July 3. Kathrcna vz John ap David ap Thomas anno regni regis D'ni n'ri Jacobi dei gratia Anglie Francie et Hiberniæ Regis fidei Defend' Scotieque xxx Sep. 20. Gruffinus ap Hugh ap Moris „ Jan. 16. 1605, Feb. 7. vz David ap Hugh „ July 8. M'greta vz Io'n Lloyd 1609. Feb. 20. Richard Jenyns bur. Oct. 7. Katherina vz leu'n ap Ieu'n ap Rs