LLANLLUGAN PAROCHIAL REGISTERS. DOWN to the year 1904 the earlies known Register was a small volume of only four folios, written on parchment, and covering from the last day of September, 1688, to 10th January, 1702 but in that year a book catalogue, offering for sale an earlier volume, beginning, with 1603, was brought to the notice of the Bishop of the diocese, who immediately claimed it as church property, and after some little difficulty, succeeded in recovering possession. It is a small volume written on 10 leaves of parchment and 3 of paper, dating from 1603 to 1687, but with a long gap from 1633 to 1670. This volume I was able to transcribe while in residence at St. Asaph; and for the period 1663 to 1670, I was enabled to get copies of 1663 and 1668 from the Transcripts at the Diocesan Registry, together with others onwards from 1670 to 1688, a comparison of which with the entries in the Register shows that the Transcripts are more full and complete than the official copy. VOL. 1. In the padding of the front cover is a portion of a legal document which laid down the form of questions to be put to a prisoner accused of murder. It rung thus on the quenes mats behalf for examination of of Nesclieff in the countie of (Salop) for the suspicon of the willfull murtheringe of one Edwarde ap Eliza late of Gyfnlliog- in the countie of Denbighe dec. In primis did you Dwell at the' signe of the bull in the towne of Nesclieffe in the Com. of Saloppe in the yeare of the reigne of o'r Sou'aigne ladie Elizabeth of England france and Ireland queene defendor of the faith &c. the xxxixth. Yea or no.