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y mae ef ar Whitgift am weinyddu'n gaeth orchymyn Llys y Ser yn achos yr argraffydd Piwritanaidd Robert Waldergrave ac ar yr un pryd ei anwybyddu yn achos argraffwyr Catholig. Dyfynnir y darn perthnasol yn unig Pitifully complayning I is there any reason (my Lords grace) why knaue Thackwell the printer I which printed popishe and trayterous welshe books in wales I shoulde haue more fauour at your gracelesse handes I then poore Walde-graue I who neuer printed book against you I that contayneth eyther treason or impietie. Thackwell is at libertie to walke where he will I and permitted to make the most he could of his presse and letters wheras Robert Walde-graue dares not shew his face for the bloodthirstie desire you haue for his life onely for printing of bookes which toucheth the bishops Myters. You know that Walde-graues printing presse and Letters were taken away his presse being timber I was sawen and hewed in pieces I the yron work battered and made vnseruiceable his Letters melted I with cases and other tooles defaced (by John Wolfe I alias Machiuill I Beadle of the Stacioners I and most tormenting executioner of Waldergraues goods) and he himselfe vtterly depriued for euer printing againe halling a wife and sixe small children. Will this monstrous crueltie neuer bee reuenged thinke you ? When Walde-graues goods was to be spoiled and defaced there were some printers I that rather then all the goods should be spoyled I offered money for it towards the reliefe of the mans wife and children but this coulde not be obtayned I and yet popishe Thackwell though hee printed popish and tray- terous bookes may haue the fauor to make money of his presse and letters. And reason to. For Walde-graues profession ouerthroweth the popedome of Lambehith I but Thackwels popery maintayneth the same.23 Atebwyd Martin gan yr Esgob Thomas Cooper, yn ei Admonition to the people of England, a gyhoeddwyd yn nechrau Ionawr 1589 That which he speaketh of Thackwell the Printer, &c. is a matter nothing pertaining to him [sc. Whitgift]. M. Richard Yong, was the dealer therein without his priuitie, who is able to iustifie his doings in that matter, and to conuince the libeller of a malicious slaunder. The man is knowen and liuing: the Libeller may talke with him, and knowe his owne wickednesse.24 Ni bu Martin yn hir cyn ateb yn 61, yn Hay any worke for Cooper, a ddaeth o'r wasg tua 22 Mawrth 1589 Where thou saiest M. Yong had onely the dealing with Thakwel the popish printer I without his graces priuitie I thou liest in thy 211 Oh read ouer D. John Bridges ([1588]), 23-4. 14 T. Cooper, An admonition (argraffiad cyntaf Llundain the deputies of Christopher Barker', 1579), 41.