THE JOURNAL of the Welsh Bibliographical Society VOL. VI. JULY, 1943. No. 1. Editorial Notes. I. WITH this number are issued a title-page and list of contents for Volume V of the Journal which has had to consist of six numbers only as compared with eight in Volume IV. The reason for the somewhat abrupt decision to make this number the first in Volume VI is that regulations of the Paper-Controller determine the width of margin of the page of this and similar publications. In future, white margins must be narrower. It was not advisable to change the format of the Journal or to include in the same volume numbers which have a fairly wide margin with those having a narrow margin only; it seemed better, therefore, to let the present number begin a new volume. The decision has one advantage; an editor who is compelled because of paper shortage to reduce the number of pages is able to count on having a wider text-page and so is enabled to print more words on a page than formerly. In some journals and books a smaller type is being used also but it was deemed advisable in the case of this Journal not to use type that some members might find very tiring for the eyes. II. In more prosperous days, when there was no such thing as paper- shortage, this Society issued an occasional supplement to its Journal.