Welsh Bibliographical Society Annual Meeting, 1942 THE annual assembly on August 7, 1942, was at Cardigan during National Eisteddfod week. Owing to the stress of war conditions and the lack of adequate transport facilities, many members failed to make the journey. Tea was handsomely provided in the Grosvenor Hotel by Mr. Ernest Evans, K.C., M.P., and Mrs. Evans. In the absence of the President, Sir John E. Lloyd, Mr. T. E. Morris, Chairman of the Council, moved a hearty vote of thanks to the host and hostess for their kind hospitality. From the tea-rooms of the hotel a number of those present walked to Mount Seion Chapel, where certain of the Council members and the Treasurer briefly discussed business matters, Mr. T. E. Morris, LL.M., M.A., F.S.A., being in the chair. It was decided to reduce the members' subscription, for the remaining period of the war, from 7/6 to 5/ the Hon. Secretary to commute further in cases of need. The subscriptions of institutions and libraries is to remain as at present. The Treasurer, Mr. D. L. Jones, of Barclays Bank, Carmarthen, presented the balance sheet for the year. This indicated a balance in hand on 30th June, 1941, of £ 58 8s. 3d.; subscriptions received up to July 1, 1942, amounted to £ 53 10s. Od.; dividends on stock, £ 4 5s. Od. Payments, including printing, cost of annual meeting, postages and stationery, etc., came to £ 13 2s. 9d. Balance at bank on June 6, 1942, £ 103 Os. 6d.; but out of this the bill for the Journal of July, 1942 (which, through lack of staff and paper, had been at press since November, 1941) remained to be discharged.