Obituary Notices ELLEN HARRIS (' EILUNED TAWE ') MRs. ELLEN HARRIS (' Eiluned Tawe '), a foundation member and a member of the Council, died September 30, 1942, and was buried at Morriston cemetery, near Llangyfelach. Keenly interested in Welsh national movements, such as the National Eisteddfod and the Celtic Congress (with a bias for Brittany), she was the widow of Alderman David Harris, J.P., who was Mayor of Swansea in 1907-.a year that was notable for a visit to the town of the National Eisteddfod of Wales, which was attended by a delegation of distinguished Breton patriots, headed by the Marquis de l'Estourbeillon, the chief bard, Dr. F. Taldir Jaffrennou, Dr. Pol Diverres, and other scholars of both sexes, gaily dressed in the charming costumes of Armorica. Usually crossing on such occasions from France, where he then lived, was that ardent Celt, Lord Ashbourne, dressed in Irish kilts. One of the effects of the present European war has been the cutting off of all connection between Wales and the Celts of the dispersion. A month before it broke out, a Welsh and Cornish delegation had only just returned from the Breton Celebrations which were held at Vannes at the end of July, 1939: that was the last link. The delegation was headed with distinction by the Lord Mayor of Cardiff (Ald. W. G. Howell) in his robes of office, with the present writer as liaison-officer in charge. These inter-Celtic celebrations date back a long way. When shall they be resumed ? D. R. P. MORRIS PARRY, CHESTER. In Y Cymro, November 11, 1914, Mr. Morris Parry suggested that, as the walls of the National Library of Wales were being erected, it was desirable, there and then, to compile, by locality, bibliographies of the Welsh presses. To him a bibliography was not a mere list. It meant a collection of books of which the list or catalogue was of secondary importance. On March 25, 1943, Mr. Parry passed to his rest, aged 85 years. He had completed, conscientiously and thoroughly, his contribution