leaves are gilt-edged; the front cover bears the gilt initials LB., separated by a gilt device (on the back cover, the initial I. is not discernible). The book has been shame- fully used. The leaves are foliated the first remaining leaf is f. 8, the last remaining is f. 179. There is no f. 32 by an error in foliation f. 33 immediately follows f. 31. By an error of omission f. 177 is not numbered. The following leaves have been torn out, f. 54 to f. 59 inclusive f. 79 to f. 82, fragments left f. 92, f. 94 to f. 100 inclusive f 102 to f. 107 inclusive f. 166. The very minute crowquill writing is in a cipher or shortand, of which the alphabetical part is fairly easily deciphered by means of the Scripture texts, but the arbitrary characters or combinations present real diffi- culty. The subject matter consists of sermons (i.e. sermon notes), not all of them actually preached. The sermon on f. 86 verso is dated, yet bears the distinct announcement, but not preached; this is in the cipher, and all extracts from the cipher will be thus interlined. A considerable number of the notes on texts bear no date. Those dated are not dated in any chronological order till we come to f. 109, Aug. 19th, 1660,' and so on to f. 179, March 26, 1665 in this period there is no date in 1661 or 1662. The earlier folios give many dates falling within this period, and some later, but none in 1661, and but one in 1662, via f. 75, May nth, 1662.' The earliest date is on f. 31, Nov. 5th, 1657, at Hanmer,' a sermon on Ps. 102/2 and curiously enough the same entr} goes on to give what is almost the latest date by the same pen viz. this doctrine was preached on Psalm 86, 12, 13, Nov" 5th, 1696.' The very latest date by the same pen is on f. 30, viz., 1697.' Later dates (of repetitions) are f. 109, 1700, Apr. f. 37, May 1700 f. 90, Apr. 20, 1701 f. 33, 1701 f. 163 1702.' These, in ruder style, may be, and probably are, by the same hand, but certainly not by the same pen.