THE JOURNAL OP THE Welsh Bibliographical Society Vol. II. DECEMBER, 1918. No. 3. Thomas Jones, the Almanac Maker. II. It would be tedious to describe the almanacs issued by Thomas Jones in detail. They are full of interest, but the space at our disposal does not allow us to do justice to their contents. The readers of the JOURNAL are perhaps more concerned with his work as a publisher than his idiosyncrasies as an author. He was in one sense the father of Welsh publishers, as he was probably the first person to set up in the business of publishing Welsh books. As we have already stated, the first work he published was his almanac for the year 1680, which he continued to bring out annually until 1712. As far as the writer knows he did not publish any other work until 1683, when the following were published (1) Y Gwir er gwaethed iw, &c. We have never seen a copy of this work, but a fairly full description of it is given in the 1684 issue of the almanac, and this has been re- printed in the Cambrian Bibliography, p. 229. In the same year was issued- (2) Yr hen lyfr Plygain, a gwir Gatechism yr Eglwys. of which a description copied from the same almanac is given in the above work. The next work mentioned by