An Anti-Christian Conspiracy Detected, and Satan's Champion Defeated. Being also a vindication of my Book entitled The Antiquity of the Quakers, From the Base Insinuations, False Doctrine and False Charge therein contained against me, my Book and against God's People, called Quakers in general. By me, Thomas Wynne. Printed in the year 1679. Thomas Wynne was according to his latest biographer (Mr. T. A. Glenn) the son of Thomas ap John Wynne, of Bron Vadog, Ysceifiog, and was baptized on July 20th, 1627. His father died when he was eleven years old, but he succeeded in spite of great poverty in obtaining a train- ing in surgery, and in course of time became a skilled surgeon. He is several times referred to by Richard Davies in his autobiography. In 1682 he emigrated to Pennsylvania, and became one of the most prominent citizens of the new state. He died in 1692. A very full account of Thomas Wynne's descendants may be seen in Welsh Founders of Pennsylvania, 1911, by T. A. Glenn, pp. 98-107. Bibliographical Notes. Brands from the Burning. Instances frequently come to hand of the rescue from fire of local documents. Mr. F. O. Harries, who is engaged on a history of Loughor, has recently rescued two record books of the old borough. He says:- The first is an account book of the parish of Loughor. On the first two pages are the resolutions passed at a vestry meeting held on the 24th day of 'Ma' (slightly damaged), 1754. Then follow the overseers, churchwardens, and constables for every year, up to 25th April, 1856, in the case of overseers, Churchwardens, till the 8th of May, 1807, and constables till Michaelmas of the same year. It also contains other matter of interest, such as A true valuation of all lands, tythes, hereditaments,' etc., signed and dated October 10th, 1730; and an adaptation of the same, dated to suit 1784 (Englishry and Welshery). The other is a large Memorandum Book about the same size as the first (16"x 7"x 2'). A note at the beginning, dated July 3rd, 1800, states that the contents were recorded for the sake of those who may follow. Among the contents