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2804. The BREVIARY OF BRITAYNE. By Humfrey LHUYD, of Denbigh, a Cambro Britayne, Englished by Tho. Twyne, 1573, black letter, 8vo, calf, neat, 12s. 2838. A HISTORY OF THE ISLAND OF Mona, or Angle- sey By Angharad LLWYD. Ruthin, 1833, ^to, cloth, il. 5s. With autograph of W. Wordsworth-Rydal Mount.' John Walters and the First Printing Press in Glamorganshire. (By CADRAWD.) The materials for the following narrative have been taken from a series of interesting letters which passed between the Rev. John Walters, A.M., Rector of Llan- dough, near Cowbridge, and Mr. Owen Jones (Myfyr), which are now in the British Museum from the Daily Journal of Daniel Walters, the second son of the Rev. John Walters and from the covers of the English Welsh Dictionary, issued in parts from the press at Cowbridge up to the word Rampire,' the remainder being printed in London. Before we proceed with our story, it is necessary to say a word about Mr. Walters. John Walters was born in a small farm house called the Fforest, in the Parish of Llanedi, Carmarthenshire, in August, 1721. He was educated at Oxford, and shortly after taking his B.A. degree, took Orders. In 1752 we find him located at Margam, as curate to the Rev. Thomas Talbot, who had inherited the estate on the death of his brother. During the the time Mr. Walters remained at Margam, he wrote A History of the Noble Family of the Mansels. This is still in MS., and is dated Anno Domini 1752, and dedicated to the Rev. Thomas Talbot. In 1759 Mr. Walters was pre- sented to the Rectory of Llandough, near Cowbridge, and immediately upon his obtaining the preferment he mar- ried.