between forestry and conservation which has long been simmering under the surface and which was always most likely to occur in Wales, eventually erupted on Llanbrynmair. To the horror of other conservation bodies the NCC withdrew its objection in November 1979, left a clear field for forestry and sought EFG's "goodwill to obtain the maximum concessions possible in the interests of conservation". The unscheduled Grade I site was initially identified at about 4,000 acres but reduced by NCC under pressure to about 2,000 acres before the eventual complete withdrawal of objection. Gone is one of the finest moors in Wales, home of 15% of the Welsh Golden Plover population, as well as Dunlin, Hen Harrier, Merlin and Greenland Whitefronts in winter. The rare Bog Rosemary, Lesser Twayblade and notable sedges such as Carex limosa and Carex paupercula are some of the plants which comprised the important botanical communities. Wales is a small country; one of the advantages and pleasures of working in it is that there is a close and easy contact with others in the environmental field. What we have to beware is that such closeness does not itself result in individuals or organisations being unable to stand back and take issue with others when the need arises or when principles are at stake. Conservation needs a strong Nature Conservancy Council, one that adheres strongly to its statutory responsibilities and its principles. The loss of Llanbrynmair is a major one and would more than likely have been prevented if the scientific importance had been properly identified and notified earlier; even so its importance demanded that its future should be decided, not by weakness by the NCC, but by the Secretary of State if necessary. In issues like this the voluntary bodies, working side by side with NCC, have an important part to play; but when it comes to it, their bark may be loud but it is the NCC that should have the real bite. December 1979: RSPB Wales Office, 18 High Street, Newtown, Powys. BILLY BISHOP BIRD HOLIDAYS IN ICELAND Billy Bishop (formerly Warden of Cley Bird Reserve) will be personally conducting some lucky bird lovers for a week's watching in Iceland in May, June 1980. Inclusive price: £ 345. For further details, please contact:- Poplar Holidays Ltd, The Grange, Ashwellthorpe, Norfolk. Tel. (0603) 24888 ERRATA On page 160 of Nature in Wales 16 (3) there was a mistake on the caption to Figure 1 in the article by P.M. Wade and J.E. Beresford. In the left-hand column the symbols for Phragmites communis and Phalaris arundinacea should be transposed. On the title page (237) of Nature in Wales 16 (4) the list of Editorial Board members includes "Miss J.L. Herbert". This should read "Mrs M.R. Herbert". In the article on evening primroses in Wales (Nature in Wales 16 (4), pp 238 249) the name of the senior author should everywhere be spelt K. Rostahski.