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NATURE IN WALES The Journal of the Naturalists' Trusts of West Wales, North Wales and Radnor Editorial Board DILLWYN MILES (Managing Editor) 4 Victoria Place Haverfordwest T. A. WARREN DAVIS J. W. DONOVAN L. S. V. VENABLES MRS. M. J. MORGAN W. I. HUGHES BRUCE ING CONTENTS OF VOLUME 14 NUMBER 4, SEPTEMBER 1975 Page AUK NUMBERS ON SKOMER ISLAND. T. R. Birkhead and R. E. Ashcroft 222 VARIATION IN THE NUMBER OF HERRING GULLS AT A FEEDING SITE. 7. W. F. Davis 234 A CHANGING ENVIRONMENT. Philip M. Miles 241 COMMON SCOTER IN CARMARTHEN AN OILING INCIDENT. S. 7. Sutcliffe 243 OBSERVATIONS ON THE 'FLEDGING' OF RAZORBILL CHICKS. 7. Lawman 250 NATIONAL PARKS, NATURE RESERVES AND THE PUBLIC 255 WELSH BIRD REPORT FOR 1974. Compiled by P. Hope Jones and P. E. Davis 256 FIELD NOTES: PLANTS 270 MAMMALS 274 INVERTEBRATES 277 BOOK REVIEWS 279 The Editors and the Scientific Advisers endeavour to maintain a high standard of accuracy but do not accept responsibility for the statements and opinions of the contributors to this Journal. Issued free to all Members of the above Trusts. On sale, price 55p by post.