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5. RUBUS LONGUS (Rogers & A. Ley) A. Newton comb. et stat. nov. Rubus lasiocladus var. longus Rogers & Ley in J. Bot. (Lond) 44, 58 (1906). LECTOTYPUS: Pencaerau, Neath (v.c. 41) W. M. Rogers 2 August 1905 as R. lasiocladus var. longus no. 10163 in herb. Barton & Riddelsdell (B.M.) This species to which I referred previously (Newton 1972) as R. leucostachys var. angustifolius Rogers has proved on more detailed inspection to be widespread in mid- and South Wales and the marches; as Rogers and Ley suggest, it is distinct from var. angustifolius as revealed by syntypes of that taxon in BM and which appears to be confined to a small area of Dorset. I have gathered specimens from vcc. 36, 41, 42, 43, 44 and have seen sheets from vcc. 35 and 46; T. A. W. Davis reports it from vc. 45 (65/967 Camrose CGE). While resembling R. vestitus W. & N. in stem and rachis clothing and armature, the narrow obovate cuneate-based terminal leaflets with pronounced irregular toothing are a very distinct and constant feature, as are the deep pink showy flowers. It appears to be homogeneous at all its stations, is good fruiting and clearly deserves specific rank. I have seen the following exsiccata (inter alia):-