WEST WALES NATURALISTS' TRUST NOTES AND ANNOUNCEMENTS Subscriptions for 1963 are due on 1st January, and should be sent as soon as possible to the Hon. Secretary, 4 Victoria Place, Haverfordwest, Pembs. Fellow £ 2 2s. (entitles subscribers to certain publications free). Member £ 1 Is. (Nature in Wales will not be sent to those whose sub- scriptions are unpaid.) NATIONAL BADGER SURVEY The Mammal Society of the British Isles is organising a national survey of Badgers (Meles meles), the aim being to record and map the distribution of setts. This survey will reveal such information as how Badgers' numbers are related to geology, topography, etc., the history of the various populations, and the changes that are taking place. Each county will have a recorder who will be in touch with a network of local recorders. Recorders for Welsh counties so far are Pembroke D. R. Saunders, Skomer Island, Haverfordwest. Caernarvon C. Milner, c/o Hartbury House, Hartbury, near Gloucester. Denbigh A. G. Spencer, Rock Cottage, Cefn-y-bedd, Wrexham. Information from Anglesey should be sent to C. Matheson, Dept. of Zoology, National Museum of Wales, Cardiff. Anyone wishing to assist is requested to write to their county recorder or, if there is not one, direct to the National Organiser, T. J. Pickvance, 116 Bunbury Road, Birmingham 31. FEEDING HABITS OF COMMON AND BLACK-HEADED GULLS In connection with a detailed study being carried out on the distribution of the Common and Black-headed Gulls (Larus canus and L. ridibundus), information is required about the feeding areas of these two species during the period October 1962 to March 1963. Any counts of flocks seen within this period would be most welcome together with a brief description of the feeding area, e.g. sand or mud shore, sewage farm, reservoir, grass, cereal or ploughed field, rubbish tip, etc., and time when seen. If flocks are large, only approximate totals of the two species are necessary. Information on the proportion of immature to adult birds would also be useful. Reports should be sent to Mr. J. D. R. Vernon, 22 St. David's Road, Thornbury, nr. Bristol, from whom record sheets and further information may be obtained.