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NATURE IN WALES The Quarterly Journal of the West Wales Field Society Editors P. M. BENOIT. R. M. LOCKLEY. P. M. MILES. Editorial Address :-Nature in Wales, Orielton, Pembroke. CONTENTS OF VOL. 4. NUMBER 3. AUTUMN 1958 Page PEAT DEPOSITS AT ARTHOG BOG. David D. Bartley 617 DEER IN WALES. Special review. W. A. Cadman 623 AN ANNOTATED LIST OF BIRDS OBSERVED IN EAST MONT- GOMERYSHIRE. P. G. R. Barbier 624 THE DIAMOND BACK MOTH. P. M. Miles 628 NEW NATURE RESERVES 630 FIELD NOTES Plants 632 Insects 638 Mammals 643 Birds 644 Birds-Unusual Behaviour 646 BOOK REVIEWS 647 SCIENTIFIC LITERATURE 649 SOCIETY'S NOTES 653 The Editors and their Scientific Advisers endeavour to main- tain a high standard of accuracy but do not accept responsibility for the statements and opinions of the contributors to this Journal. Issued free to all Members of the West Wales Field Society. On sale, price 2s. 6d.