two further colonies in 1956. At the first, which was found on 25th July, along a stream below a small bog pool, there were at least 15 males and one female. This site was visited again on 28th July, when 14 males and 3 females were seen. The remains of a male were found in a spider's web probably of A. cornutus spun on J uncus acutiflorus. This colony was in a very exposed position, the surroundings having no vegetation taller than heather and gorse, and when visited on 14th August, none of these damsel flies could be found. The second colony was found in a sloping boggy field on 27th July, at least 12 mature males and 2 females were counted. The remains of a male were once again found in a spider's web on J. acutiflorus. The colony was revisited on 30th July, after violent storms the preceding weekend at least 6 mature females were seen. A pair were watched ovipositing, the eggs being laid on the under- side of the leaves of Apium nodosum This species should be looked for carefully in Carmarthenshire where it is most likely to occur, having already been recorded from Glamorganshire (ibid 82 239). Cordulegasteridae. — Cordulegaster boltonii (Donovan) Golden Ringed Dragonfly. Cards A teneral specimen was caught on the 20th May, at Aber Magwr, Nr. Aberystwyth (P.M.M.). Carms during the third week in June, one was seen on a red currant bush at Rhandirmwyn (H.R.H.V.). It is curious how infrequently this striking species has been reported from Carmarthenshire when it is common enough in the surrounding counties. Merioneth a freshly emerged male was found clinging to the nymph case on the sloping face of a rock about 3 feet above a very rapidly flowing stream, near the Dol-y-cae Falls, on the southern slopes of the Cader Idris range, at a height of 1150 feet on 25th June. Noted also at heights of 1000 and 1900 feet on these mountains immediately above Tal-y-llyn on 26th June. (B.L.S.). Pembs first seen at St. Ishmael's on 5th July, and last seen on 26th August. One near a springhead at 1300 feet on the Prescelly Mountains on 9th July (T.A.W.D.). Seen at Abermawr, near Mathry, on 24th July be- tween Carnllidi and St. David's Head on 25th July on Dowrog Moor on 26th July, and on the Western Cleddau, near Letterston, on 27th July (L.L-E.). Obviously it is a very common species in this county. Aeshnidae. — Aeshna cyanea (Muller) Southern Aeshna.-Merioneth one seen hawking along a stretch of the Afon Dysynni on 26th June (B.L.S.). Pembs only three seen at St. David's during August (M.B.). LIBELLULIDAE.-Orthetrum coerulescens (Fabricius) Keeled Orthetrum.- Pembs abundant on Trefeiddan Moor on 26th July. Several seen near Letterston on 27th July, some of which were ovipositing. One male on Bryn- berian Moor on 2nd August (L.L-E.). Libellula quadrimaculata (Linnaeus). Four-Spotted Libellula.-÷Pembs: four or five over a pool on Trefeiddan Moor on 22nd July, one pair being in copula and a female ovipositing with the male hovering nearby (L.L-E.). Libellula depressa Linnaeus Broad-Bodied Libellula.-Carms two females seen at Rhandirmwyn in early June, (H.R.H.V.). Definite evidence of the breeding of this species in Carmarthen- shire is still lacking. Pembs. a male by a pool at Castlemartin on 2nd July (T.A.W.D.). Sympetrum striolatum (Charpentier) Common Sympetrum.- Pembs. recorded at Whitesands Bay the Western Cleddau, near Letterston plentiful on Waunfawr, Dowrog Moor, and Trefeiddan Moor on 3rd August. Several by the decoy pond at Orielton on 11th August (L.L-E.). Sympetrum danae (Sulzer) Black Sympetrum.-Pembs a single mature female on a marsh in Gwaun Valley, near Llannerch, on 2nd August (L.L-E.). SKOKHOLM ISLAND RECORDS I am indebted to Mr. Peter Davis, for the following notes. Ischnura elegans (Van der Linden) Common Ischnura.­seen fairly fre- quently during July and early August. Nymphs were found in the north pond. Sympetrum striolatum (Charpentier) Common Sympetrum-nymphs were found in Orchid Bog and Heligoland Pool on the east side of the island on several occasions from June to August. "Caldey," 11, Deepdene, Potters Bar, Middlesex. November 28th, 1956.